Sensegood spectrophotometer for color measurement and consistency control in pharmaceutical industry – pills, drugs, liquid drugs, powders, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and medicines

Coloring tablets have aesthetic value and can improve tablet identification, especially when patients are taking a number of different tablets. [1]

Purpose of Color Measurement in Pharmaceuticals:
  • Color change in a pharmaceutical product is an indication of:
    1. Chemical and physical degradation [2]
    2. Process variations – improper drug formulations
    3. Impurity presence
    4. Issues with raw material
    5. Counterfeit [3]
  • Research and development
  • Analytical and physical testing
  • Pre-Clinical testing
  • Stability tests - shelf life contamination study [4]
  • Scale-Up

Right color indicates tight process control and right proportion of ingredients for right drug formulation. Color consistency in pharmaceutical products is essential for better branding and market acceptance. Establish color tolerance using Sensegood spectrophotometer to ensure batch to batch color consistency.

Sensegood Spectrophotometer is established color measurement instrument in pharmaceutical industry and research community for quantitative and qualitative analysis. From raw material to final product, it comprehensively evaluates the color attributes of various samples, including solids, powders, pills, pastes, and liquids. Sample can be non-homogeneous in different shape and size. Sensegood spectrophotometer has rotating sample platform with large viewing area (sensor’s field of view). It takes multiple color measurements over number of rotations and generates average result representing the sample’s color. As a result, consistency can be maintained and quality standards can be met with less waste, time, and effort.

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This article is about spectrophotometer or full spectrum colorimeter for color measurement in pharmaceuticals, pills, liquid drugs, APIs, powders, drugs and medicines.