Sensegood spectrophotometer for color measurement and quality - consistency control in ceramics, tiles, slurry, potteries, and studying archaeological ceramics

Continuous observation on the product under process creates human eye fatigue, stress and sensitivity saturation. Hence, it becomes difficult to make color quality decision of accepting, or rejecting the product. And this directly hampers the quality of the final product. While on other hand there are advantages of instrumental color quality control as it provides results with same accuracy, consistency and reliability.

In maintaining the color quality of slurries or ceramic tiles; Sensegood spectrophotometer assists in color quality control in online/in-process, benchtop/table-top or handheld/portable measurement applications. It is very important for tile manufacturers to maintain color consistency in ceramic tiles across batch to batch productions. Even random tile color measurements in every batch, ensures improved color consistency and better market acceptability.

Sensegood spectrophotometer also helps in maintaining color quality for pottery manufacturers. Scientific approach toward production ensures acceptability in niche segment offering better prices.

Visible spectrophotometer is a tool used for archaeological studies by university researchers and archaeologists to carry out meaningful analysis. Archaeological ceramic’s color measured by Sensegood Spectrophotometer can provide trained investigator important information of the temporal, cultural, trade (routs) and functional aspects of a ceramics in ancient times.

This article is about spectrophotometer or full spectrum colorimeter for color measurement in ceramics, tiles, slurry, potteries, and archaeological ceramics.