Sensegood spectrophotometer for color measurement and quality control in pulp, paper and packaging industry

The appearance of paper is determined by the application in which it is to be used. Process parameters and additives need to be controlled in order to achieve desired brilliant colors and light fastness. The permanence and durability directly depend on process quality of pulp and dyes. Environmental effects like temperature and humidity degrade light fastness.

Color can make your product standout from the shelf or fade into a sea of packages. Packaging is arguably the most visible component of marketing, and certainly one of the most important. The human eye is perceptive to even the slightest differences in color, and studies have shown that such slight differences and inconsistencies in packaging can have a significant impact on consumers’ perception of the product inside. According to one study [1] cited by Billerudkorsnas – Swedish pulp and paper manufacturer [2], people make up their mind within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with products, and as much as 90% of the assessment is based on color alone.

Many pulp and paper manufacturers rely on the color measurement quality delivered by Sensegood spectrophotometer. It assists to achieve consistency in appearance from sheet to sheet across all the production batches. Sensegood spectrophotometer is a versatile device that is engineered to work as handheld/portable, benchtop/table-top or in-process/online color measurement instrument. It can measure color in solids, powders, liquids and pulp pastes. It has its own independent full spectrum LED light source which enables true object color measurement.

Achieving the desired product color with an efficient and streamlined process is the goal of every color quality process. Color samples that deviate from the standard compromise customer satisfaction. These non-uniform samples also increase the customer rejection rate. Ensure color consistency and accuracy throughout your quality process by establishing color tolerances using Sensegood Spectrophotometer.

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This article is about spectrophotometer or full spectrum colorimeter for color measurement in pulp, paper and packaging.