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Meet Sensegood Spectrophotometer: All-in-One color measurement instrument
One touch operation – color measurement using Sensegood spectrophotometer
Set color tolerance, find color difference and color matching % using Sensegood spectrophotometer
Color measurement using handheld spectrophotometer by Sensegood Instruments
Powder color measurement using benchtop spectrophotometer by Sensegood Instruments
Sensegood spectrophotometer with computer interface utility – SensegoodSmart
Set target distance in Sensegood spectrophotometer
Measure Citrus Color Index (CCI) of an orange using Sensegood spectrophotometer
Ensure color consistency in your plastic products and packaging using Sensegood spectrophotometer
Universal Whiteness Meter - Measure Whiteness in Any Sample - Powder, Liquid, Paste, Slurry, Solid
Coffee Roast Analyzer - Measure SCAA Agtron - Coffee Colorimeter - Sensegood Spectrophotometer
Liquid Paste Slurry Colorimeter Spectrophotometer Color Difference Meter
Rice Whiteness and Yellowness Tester
Color Measurement in Spices by Sensegood Spectrophotometer Colorimeter
Coffee Chicory Powder Color Measurement Coffee Colorimeter
Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Color Measurement & Analysis Colorimeter Spectrophotometer