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  • USB charger, 5watt, universal input: ~100V to 240V, 50/60 Hz, output: 5.0Vdc, 1000 mAmps (no fast charging).
  • Automatic over voltage protection up to 350V
  • Automatic over voltage protection up to 350V
  • Certifications: RoHS Reach compliance, BIS, European compliance CE.
  • Certified standards: Meet IEC60950-1, IS13252-2010 (information technology and similar electric apparatus -safety requirement)
  • Tested average power efficiency: 5 star rating according to Energy Star Standard
  • Performed reliability tests: Long Time Charging Test, Input Over-voltage Test, Temperature/Humidity Test, Salt Spray Test, Vibration test, Insertion force test, EMC requirement (test criteria: EN55024, EN61000-4) – EFD test, Surge test, ESD test
  • Industry’s one of the best EMI/EMC compatible adapter with additional EM filter and RF suppressors, one of the lowest electromagnetic radiation, extremely low voltage fluctuations, extremely suppressed power line interference at 50/60Hz. It protects your device by eliminating high power RF signals getting coupled to your device’s trans-receiver.
  • Eliminates high voltage surges in the output, niche electronics for supplying constant stable +5V.
  • It has standard Indian plugs that fit appropriately in the sockets. It is Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified.
  • Small leakage current: <250 micro Amp
  • Insulation resistance > 50Mega ohms @500VDC
  • Operating altitude < 2000 meters
  • Small size, light weight

Compatible devices:

5watt compatible mobile phones, smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, digital cameras, digital camcorders, GPS devices