Baked products

Color measurement for quality and consistency control in baked products – Measure Baking Contrast Unit (BCU) and do more with Sensegood spectrophotometer

The food business is highly competitive business. To build and maintain the brand reputation, producer needs to adopt scientific approaches in production to achieve required product quality. Your customer expects to have consistent quality and appearance of your product from purchase to purchase. For baked items, be it sunset yellow or golden bronze, the color consistency and appearance of the product will directly affect the sales.

Sensegood spectrophotometer is an analytical color measurement instrument that is widely accepted in the industry and research fraternity for reliability. From raw material to final product, it comprehensively evaluates the color attributes of various samples, including solids, liquids, powders and pastes.

Sensegood spectrophotometer has facility to measure Baking Contrast Unit (BCU) for baked items. BCU is the measure of the lightness or darkness of a product and it is developed specifically for the bakery food industry. BCU ranges from 0 for the darkest to 5.25 for the lightest baking.

Sensegood spectrophotometer is non-messy non-contact type color measurement instrument which has a benefit of measuring sample’s color from a distance. Because of this, sensor’s optical assembly remains scratch proof enabling long life in retaining calibration. Hygiene is maintained, as non-contact measurement avoids any food contact and bacterial accumulation on sensor measuring surface.

This article is about the use of spectrophotometer or full spectrum colorimeter for color measurement in baked products such as bread, cookies and their ingredients.