About Us

Our Mission

Our eternal mission is to provide low cost and easy to use technology solutions to everyone. We are realizing and advancing the technology evolution to have meaningful impact on our society.

Technology for All

We firmly believe that the technology should not be restricted to any particular segment. It should be accessible and also affordable to anybody who needs it. A technology product should be easy to use and the solution should be economic to be able to serve the wider range of customers; all these without compromising the technology itself.

Yes, we constantly channelize our efforts toward our motto: “Technology for All”.

Building trust, building relations

Since our foundation, we have developed and refined our core technology capabilities such as spectrophotometry, sensor instrumentation, and RF-Microwave electronics systems. In close cooperation with our customers, Sensegood is enabling innovation, improved productivity and customer success in varied range of target industries and applications. Sensegood is committed to delivering quality products leading to customer satisfaction for building trust and long term relations. We have forged an important bond with our customers across the globe. Sensegood is strongly committed to further fully meet its customers’ needs as well as to continue to develop state-of-the-art technologies and novel solutions.

Continuous research program

We are a company with updated insights of implicit industry challenges as we are continuously engaging ourselves in identifying the customer needs over the time. Sensegood has adopted a continuous research program by realizing the opportunities brought by this period of change. Being a research intensive company, Sensegood focuses on cutting edge technology development to engineer products and solutions to the industry problems.

Technology solution provider

We are also a solution provider to the industry challenges. We engineer demand based sensor instruments those can be support instruments in production, process and quality management.

Catering to the world

Being a global player, Sensegood is continuously serving to the customers worldwide. We are resourceful to manufacture and cater rapidly growing global market.


Dr. Sanket S Patel (PhD. RF Microelectronics)

Founder and Director

Sensegood Instruments Private Limited & Sensegood Space and Defence Electronics