Color measurement for quality and consistency control in beverages, food pastes and condiments using Sensegood spectrophotometer

Color is the first thing that customers see in a fruit juice. It is an indication of quality and freshness for the beverages and condiments. One can perceive taste and nutrition just by looking at the color of a juice or paste. Hence color is an important parameter for quality; and indication of oxidation or contamination. And most importantly, study reveals that the color can influence the perceived flavor. [1],[2]

Sensegood spectrophotometer is an analytical color measurement instrument that is widely accepted in the industry and research fraternity for reliability. From raw material to final product, it comprehensively evaluates the color attributes of various samples, including solids, liquids, powders and pastes. Large viewing area (sensor’s field of view) and rotating sample platform averages out sample and produces accurate repeatable color attributes. As a result, consistency can be maintained and quality standards can be met with less waste, time, and effort.

Fruit processors rely on Sensegood spectrophotometer to determine and supply the right colored beverage or fruit paste. Sensegood spectrophotometer acquires the color of citric fruits and juices, analyses and represents as citrus color index (CCI). Along with CCI, it also provides values for Citrus Number (CN) and Citrus Red (CR) index. Sensegood spectrophotometer’s firmware works on the citrus score algorithm developed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). [3] Similarly for tomato paste, sauce and ketchup, it is equipped with Tomato Color Index (TCI). With indices like CCI, CN, CR, and TCI; manufacturers control their products’ quality to ensure consistent appearance enabling increased market acceptance.

Sensegood spectrophotometer is non-messy non-contact type instrument which has benefit of measuring sample’s color from a distance. Because of this, sensor’s optical assembly remains scratch proof enabling long life in retaining the calibration. Hygiene is maintained, as non-contact measurement avoids any food contact and bacterial accumulation on sensor measuring surface. Sensegood spectrophotometer is the versatile device that is engineered to work as handheld/portable, benchtop/table-top or in-process/online color measurement instrument.

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This article is about the use of spectrophotometer or full spectrum colorimeter for color measurement in beverages/juices and food pastes/ condiments.